A new media company with feminist values and mainstream sensibilities.
We are the XX is a female founded media company that creates content that exposes the world we live in — a world that is, in fact, 50% female and unapologetically so. We are the XX is intelligently capturing the powerful truth of how women live and socialize. Through activating and mobilizing their network of emboldened women around the world, the brand sits at the forefront of the future; always leading its audience to what will happen next.

The Beginning of
We Are The XX
We are the XX began with the desire of two women to see their generation’s values reflected in feminism and see themselves represented in media. Kassidy and Allison’s expressive journeys began years before they met. Both women were called to the art of communication; Kassidy through the creation of documentary films and her company, Journey of Action, Allison through her contributions to established media platforms and throughout her career in luxury fashion space as Donna Karan’s personal assistant and communications manager. They were following different threads that brought them to the same potent place of intersection: women. Their paths crossed, rather fatefully, at the Women in the World Summit. There, they formed an instantaneous, highly charged connection over their desire to see the women’s space ignited with the rebellious passion that coursed through them both.
Our Feminist Manifesto

Feminist issues do not just belong to women, they belong to people as a collective and men are an integral part of this community.

Feminism is not a movement of separation, competition or comparison. Rather it is all things inclusive, celebratory and desirable.

Inherently female attributes are essential to moving progress, power and the entire leadership conversation forward.

Feminism is not a sidebar discussion. It is central to all that’s relevant from pop culture to politics to international development.

Social Media Campaign #WEARETHEXX
We are the XX officially launched in September 2013 by taking a fresh stance on a long existing and powerful movement: feminism. Recognizing the on-going plight for gender equality coupled with the rise of women’s empowerment, We are the XX called on a new generation to infuse their energy, their voice and their innovative perspective into the movement through an online photo sharing campaign. After collecting the wisdom of Generation Y thought leaders, Kassidy and Allison wrote a new feminist manifesto. The goal of the campaign is to show the evolving faces of feminism and reclaim its definition. To show your solidarity with the manifesto and to join the thousands of campaign participants worldwide, draw on two XX’s, take your best selfie and upload it to instagram and/or twitter using the hashtag #WearetheXX.